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Fibers/Backing: Anti Microbials

Which One Meets Your Family’s Needs?

With so many different carpets out in the market today, it’s easy to get confused. Jake’s Carpet to the rescue! It seems like these days everyone has a different opinion. And that’s ok. But we are here to make it easier to see which one meets your family’s needs by asking a series of questions.

We carry branded names like Anso Nylon and Evertouch nylon. For the best wearing product nylon might be your choice. Along side nylon is PET polyester like Cleartouch. Made from recycled soda bottles, ketchup bottles and plastics these PET polyesters are inherently stain resistant. Mohawk’s Triexta fiber is in a class all by itself. Backed by some of the best warranties in the business it is sure to please.

With different fibers come different backings as well. There is regular action backed carpet, soft back carpet, jute back and others. Once you decide which fiber, then it’s off to finding the perfect style and color you are looking for.

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