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Healthier Choice Carpet Cushion® | Hamlin, PA
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Healthier Choice Carpet Cushion®

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Our more environmentally friendly & functional mechanically frothed high density cushion products help create a more environmentally friendly indoor living environment.

Carpenter Cushion | Hamlin, PA
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Carpenter Cushion

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Carpenter started producing high quality flexible foam carpet cushion in 1963. Offering unparalleled quality, outstanding service, and innovative products for over 35 years, we provide a wide range of bonded and prime polyurethane products for residential uses, in addition to Omalon® and bonded carpet cushion for commercial uses.


Whatever Pad You Choose, It Has a Warranty

At Jake’s Carpet we make sure that whatever pad you choose to have your carpet installed over that it is a warranted product. At the minimum we install over a “true” 7/16” 6LB pad. Not a cheater 5.5 LB or a 3/8 4LB, but a true 6LB. That way no matter what carpet you select your carpet is warranted. If you want to upgrade you can choose a 7/16” 8LB moisture guard or a ½” 10LB Memory Bond. For those who want the most cushion we offer Healthier Choice pad in both 7/16” and 5/16” 10LB pad. Just as we help with your carpet selection, we will help you choose the right pad as well.